Also Delicious man.

Now is a regular of Zeamspeak!

As introduced by GNZake to this he became friends with lots of people! LOL!


Commonly know by his terms of Liam Nesson. Also is randomly making Zombie noises. Brainzzzz more like it.

Also a Master of Pokemon.

Dani (Black Dani) thinks he is Asian.

Kittenz and Matt are like brothers, Twins. Kittenz is the handsome one and Matt is the smart and adopted one.



Liam Nesson. Nuff said

Matt -Liam Nesson- , Matt <3 Dani. Long story short, he complimented Dani and takes her side of things so Dani said she loves him for that. Also is fond of Delicious man.

Exteral links to Twitter


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