Snow is a regular on zeamspeak. He is a mysterious snow leopard that gets easily bored. Sometimes known as the "costaricnan guy" snow goes on zeamspeak to speak and play with friends.

Snow sometimes evolves into blizzard, but he returns to his normal state after a while.

Despite his weird attitude, Snow is friendly and will usually talk with anyone.


Snow plays games with his friends on zeamspeak, such games are:

  • Minecraft
  • Dungeon Defenders
  • Omgpop games
  • Dueling network

He also owns a ps3 and is an active player in it. His favorite games include: Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy Series, Kingdom Heartz and Devil May cry; as well as many other games.


Snow's currently a senior high school student, with an ambition to be a video game designer. He is usually in the computer or near a gaming console, but his outside activities include: MMA, Ninjutsu, Jiu jitsu, swimming and athletism. He is blamed by the irony that there is no snow in his country, however, one of snow's most active activity is snowboard when he is on vacation.