Introduced to Zeamspeak by Stormy and Morgan.

Mr. Whiskers

The angel, Mr. Whiskers.

Also know as Alisa and Ali.

Silver has five demon cats, three demon dogs, one demon fish, a heard of demon barn cats, and one angel of a kitten named Mr. Whiskers.

One of Silvers more well know quotes is "I DONT KNOW! The Geogria next to Florida" Which was in return to a conversation Silver was having with Morgan.

SilverStream is actully a name from a book series called "Warrior Cats" by Erin Hunter. Silver's dream pet would be a Mexican Red-Knee Taranula, even though she knows with her luck, it would bite and kill her.

Silver is also know for her horrible spelling and grammer.


A quote.

She also does not talk alot

Silvers Favroit channel on TeamSpeak is "Kansas" because she actully resides in Kansas, so she can almost always be found there.


Moment where MattM1810 beat Silver. GG Matt.