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super MLG turtle knows all!! @-@

I am Orrid i speak of and for the super MLG turtle hey/she is genderless but will rape the faces of bad people. im very random at times i get bored as shit but i dont care nor do i give two shits about it. I am brother to Dr.Pepper (AKA) The Flying Exodia. i am a Yugioh nerd/freak/whatever i love the game for what it was and still enjoy the game regardless of what bullshit konami adds to it i play regularly and hav won against nearly everyone who plays on teamspeak at least 13 times each, with my 4 main decks and they are

Serpent Ninjas

Thunder XYZ

Rose Garden (my GF named it not me)

Empty Field

the only one to ever beat me legitly is antas santa and my goal of Yugioh as of right now is to go against Chilled


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