*Nikky43 is a casual member of ZeamSpeak, You will casually find her around members like Rachael , Cr@sh777 , Danny, KylaWubs, CQBEXPT and Kittenz. She tends to "act" like ImmortalHD alot.
  • She is known for Photoshopping photos of immortals face on things also.
  • Also note she is not a pleasent person, most of the time it doesnt matter if she doesnt know you, she will still be rude.
  • Sp00n has a hate for Nikky since she lives Utah.
  • How did i mention she lives in Utah?
  • She Owns Soviet Russia.
  • Games Nikky43 Plays: Minecraft,Dayz, Killing Floor, Pokemon, most of the Elder Scrolls, World Of Warcraft , Diablo 3, League Of Legends.

  • She is dating other member Infected from Zeamspeak.

i first join cause - iv always had teamspeak and as soon as i saw Ze had put up a Zeamspeak server i quickly joined.

People Nikky43 Hangs around: Jolly, Crash777, Dani, Kylawubs,Infected, Zake And of course RACHAEL~!.

Rooms Nikky43 Spends her time in: Detroit, and Soviet Russia, BallSonya Balls.

Quote: "Seems Legit.","Creature Cats." ,"TS TS TS TS(Immortals Laugh" ," "Dude.""

  • Nikky in her pajamas
  • Nikky in her hat
  • Nikky in denim shorts
  • Nikkeh all nasteh
  • nikkys nasty face