She fangirls about Youtubers who don't know she exists sometimes. She used to write straight fanfictions. Don't subscribe to her Youtube, she'll probably never post videos on it. Tumblr.

She's pretty shy, EXPECIALY when talking to people she's fond of. Most people just get used to her. Came on to the Zeamspeak after meeting Alexa from making a Chilled Chaos sandwhich video. Then became friends with Shauna aka Farmer, and Dani . Forming Girl's Night. Likes to come into Zeamspeak, and complain about something having to do with her house and/or where she lives. Likes to quote Youtubers all the time, because that is her sad life. Mostly just plays video games on Zeamspeak.


she looks like this lol what a loozr


  • "Oh- Oh.. Im sorry."
  • "I'm confused.."
  • "Hi guys!"
  • "I didn't mean it.."
  • "I am NOT a Hipster!"
  • "Leave me alone.. I'm a fangirl."
  • "I'm tired.."
  • "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie pop?" (When bored and have nothing else to say)
  • "I'm NOT a fangirl!"
  • "Poliwag."
  • "I'm cool okay, don't even,"

Notable facts

  • Has Heelys
  • Loves Harry Potter
  • Plays Playstation a lot
  • Plays Pokemon a lot

    other picture yo

  • Plays piano (Still learning)
  • Can't sing to save her life
  • Spends most of her time watching gaming videos on Youtube
  • Has a black Labrador named Daisy
  • Can't draw well but she does any way

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