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Well desided to add myself on the wiki and stuff but i am undeadkiten, The youngest user on zeamspeak 11 btw my birthdays on oct 8th and soon will be 12 and then will still and always be the youngest unless someone new joins in that time. ANYWAYS... I LOVE The Creatures and the Derp Crew and Immortalhd and also a Warriors fan and Im on THC (The CreatureHub website) alot so find me on there and my twiiter id @unddeadkiten. I occasionally get addicted to things from time to time.... like that one time with the gaterade.... and other things. ANYWAYS um i feel like i writing a job app LOL O WELL. And I am a fellow FF reader and like Ze im from CANADALAND aka canada. I like video games ob and stuff. Well...idk wat to put anymore... O YEA I have blonde hair and no im not a dumb blonde... and Im about 5'1 for all of you that have been asking.. and other things I need a new chair and desk.. this chair sucks and I need a webcam and a new headset... and like the picture quotes ANYTHINGS POSSABLE WHEN YOU STOP BEING RETARDED.. I have no idea that was very random of me but thats normal and Im on almost everyday and im off school for half day on fridays and I gotta go cause my dad is kicking me off O YEA and I live with my dad and scumbag sister..