Side names: Mentally Manic, Jessica<3, Jezzy724, Shiek, ShiekGames (Aka satan spawn)

Creature/Friends Encounter HistoryEdit

Gassy Mexican: During one if his visits to YouTube, she immediately asked him (cause she is inconsiderate and completly lacks tact) ,"Hey Gassy, how is the sex with Renee?" and he got mad and left.

SlyFoxHound: During the Colorado livestream event, she donated $15 in a desperate cry for attention and requested that SlyFoxHound say,"I love you, Jessica." Following Sly's initial confusion -" I don't know, do I know her?" he got really close to the mic and completed the request.

Her QuirksEdit

She is very Impulsive with money and everyday actions.

She takes people seriously even if they are blatantly sarcastic.

Her voice changes depending on her mood which can change on a dime (aka bi-polar disorder).

She is vengful, completely without reason.

She feels horrible arfter accidently wronging someone and attemps to correct her mistake (or so she says).

She may baby talk to her dog in the background.

She complains, a lot.