Small Little Thing:

Actual Picture of HeadPidgey

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HeadPidgey's favorite Pokémon

Alright, before you start. Know that this dude is a BAMF. Also, HeadPidgey is actually a genderless bipedal species capable of flight.

HeadPidgey: One of The OriginalsEdit


HeadPidgey (HP) was literally on in the first hour of Zeamspeak's launch. When Ze and Chilled decided to have that Zeamspeak tournement, HP was at the top facing almost everyone for like, 2 hours. HP then proceeded to talk to everyone for about 6 months and took a break from Zeamspeak for a year. Now they're back and come on every now and then.

Other Info:

HP is friends with Kingmorgan15, Flame2410, TehTurk, Racheal, and various others.
B2W2 Elesa

HeadPidgey's favorite character design ever

HP doesn't game much, but when HP does, they're f**king bada**. HP is a huge fan of Pokemon, Death Note, Angel Beats!, Adventure Time, Big Bang Theory, Homestuck, OFF, and Fullmetal Alchemist.

HP is also the best(?) artist on Zeamspeak and would probably draw you something if you bother them enough. Also, HP has a story they are currently writing called MetaQuest: Quest for More Meta . Yea, HP is talented, f**king believe it.

Examples of Pidgey's Art:

Ugly Fan-Trolls


"Fuck you"


"*Muffled Gas Mask Noise*"

"Caw Caw Motherfucker!"

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