Girl's NightEdit

Girl's Night came from when Alexa (LadyAlexaaa), Shauna (Farmergal), Samantha (ManthaMetha), and Dani (Black Dani) met on Zeamspeak and decided to try to get into a seperate room and talk. It was later created into a Skype group with Alexa, Shauna, Samantha, Dani, Cokes , Danielle, Chilled, and Undeadkitten. It used to be a weekly call, they would come in and talk together. There has only been a couple official Girl's Night calls. The second one being the birth of "Poliwag." It occured during the call while Chilled was playing Pokemon Pinball. Where all he would say was "Poliwag." It has become a known group in Zeamspeak. And has a shirt in the Zeamspeak shop.

Official Girl's Night logo


Girl's Night shirt design.


Girl's Night poster written by Samantha

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