Ezo, a regular asian Zeamspeak resident, has been ascending in his natural birth-right skill as an Asian Shaman. He has the ability to forsee future events and can act on these sights. Because of his heritage, he is also skilled in Ninjutsu; this has been noted when he was discovered in the annual Ninja Parade.

Ezo's NatureEdit

Ezo lives in a Dojo attached to a Habachi kitchen in the middle of a bustling city in Japan. This is however just a front, as he uses the buildings to smuggle children into a world of sweatshops and prostitution. After getting into a relationship with Zero, a renowned black Zeamspeak user and conceiving their love-daughter: Ulga, he proceeded to make a name for himself.

Ezo is a member of Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia and his family can be heard in the background, planning various hiest. He can even be heard aiding in their plans

Ulga, Ezo's Love ChildEdit

Once Ulga was gifted to Ezo and Zero, they got to work creating the most monsterious child they could possibly create. Ezo played his part by teaching Ulga the art of combat and efficient murdering techniques. Because of the increasingly difficult levels of training, Ul

Ultimate Ulga. Take note of the compact muscle. This has been achieved for maximum efficiency.

ga later becomes a master at her skills, her once extremely ripped body compacting while staying just as powerful, reaching her ultimate form, also known as "Ultimate Ulga". Dispite this, Ezo has yet to show his final form, as moral beings cannot handle such power.

Ezo's ArchiveEdit

After semi-retiring from his previous job as a ninja-rapist, Ezo began creating and maintaining a powerful and indept archive of various pictures and gifs. No matter the situation or conversation, he has the ability to reference one of these images and it will not only be relevant, but complimentary.

The "ZeZo" RelationshipEdit

As Zero and Ezo's relationship grew, people began "shipping" them together, calling them ZeZo; combining Zero's first two letters and Ezo's last two, as if they were one being. Despite their sexual escapades, Zero and Ezo are only in a relationship for mutual gain. Zero was/is infact a serial rapist, ravaging the innards of women and men alike, and posed as a priest and a camp counselor in order to get access to innocent children, who he would also molest and corrupt. Because of their backgrounds, they both saught to perfect their raping skills, and got together to share and improve technique. Any and all actual sexual activities they perform with each other is mearly practice.


"I don't speakth the english"

"I AM the Asian Shaman."

"I am too powerful."

"This is not even my final form."

Note: Most quotes he uses has been stolen from Zero

Extra FactsEdit

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