Buffy is a regular on the Zeamspeak server and is friends with some of the Creatures and other Youtubers. If you'd like to learn more about her please visit her wiki page on the offical Creature wiki which depicts her various shenangians on The Creatures old Teamspeak server.



  • "TOASTY~"
  • "Kantoe bbs"
  • "Bbz"
  • "Fgts"
  • "BFFS 4 LYF"
  • "Shit motherfucker ass tits cunt cock motherfucker shit ass tits motherfucker shit"
  • "shuddup mutha fuckers"
  • "soup?"
  • "Where the fuck is Kantoe?"
  • "Kawaii as fuck"
  • "You like bondage?"
  • "I aint even know..."
  • "lawl"
  • "AH WHU-?"
  • "I'd tap/screw/fuck dat."
  • "Hot."
  • "Did I tell you the story when........"
  • [types on typewriter]
  • "Cunts."
  • "My boyfriend is [enter random person], apparently."

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