Nick is a regular in zeamspeak. I rarely wear shirts, But when he does it only on music night. My choice of drinks are pepto and water. Nick plays games with THECANATTACK, Scumbagmilo, Jade, and others. He is a strong silent type who talks too much, and has a tinychat music night every saturday night and people i know are allowed.

Nick first joined zeamspeak in August while chronocast was streaming. Then Nick met THECANATTACK, ScumbagMilo, Rachael,Nikky43 , Vance, and It's Not Drew. Then a couple of days later he met Jade, Kingmorgan15, Wonderlama with many others.

Nick has many laughs and too much fun with online friends.

Stuff i say

- "Pepto is better then wine"

- "I want the cat bus"

- "Wanna get high"

- "I will dance with the chicken guy"

- "Buy my jorts"

Games and stuff

- Killing Floor

- Minecraft/Fights

- Pokemon MMO

- Digimon Online

- Magicka

- League Of Legends

Links of randomness

My Youtubes

Dancing is fun


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